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About Giving Tree Cafe

After 13 years of serving loving, plant-based food at Sedona's cafe gem, Chocolatree Organic Oasis, Chef David Warr felt a calling to bring his culinary herb, and nutrition knowledge to the heart of Phoenix in 2019. He has observed the processed food industry introduce thousands of chemicals into the food supply that many people believe damage our environment and physical health. It is for these reasons that all the food served at Giving Tree Cafe is made in-house and not processed from external sources.​ With every bite, we strive to nourish not only our bodies but also our planet, fostering a healthier, more sustainable future.



We envision a world of fresh Water, clean Air, fertile Soil and Harmony among all sentient beings, where Life is restored to ecological, social, and economic balance.


We are authentic

We are present

We are grounded

We are appreciative

We are nurturing

We seek to understand

We recognize and honor our process

We are in service to the life community


To inspire others to embody the best version of themselves through excellence in service, as we model authentic behavior in thought word and action.


Is it sustainable for Mother Earth going forward 7 generations?

Is it in line with our Vision and Mission?

Does it honor our guests?

Does it honor our staff?

Does it honor our suppliers?

Does it honor ourselves?


Giving Tree Cafe is our expression of an authentic world of sustainable abundance. Our food and people are a reflection of our connection to Spirit. We choose wholesome organic ingredients to honor our Mother Earth, our guests, and ourselves. We respect our place in the web of all life.


Organic Food

We care about the quality of our cuisine and where it comes from. That's why everything we serve is mostly organic, 100% gluten-free, dairy Free, soy Free and not to mention made in house--from our burger buns, to our wraps, sauces, cheeses, soups, stews, desserts etc.

When you dine with us, you can trust that we're going above and beyond to ensure the standards are higher than the average restaurant. It's good for you, the business, and the environment. The whole life community is worth the labor of love.

Pure Water

Water is life and we want to keep it pure. So we invested in a large Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter system to pump it through the whole cafe. It's the water that you drink when you dine with us, and it's the same clean stuff for all the dishes in the kitchen. The difference in quality is clear. You can taste it, and feel it.

Pure Labels

Truly sustainable brands seek full-circle sustainability of their supply chain, and that includes packaging and labels.

We care about using eco-friendly packaging. We use PURE Labels for our 100% biodegradable/compostable/recycled/recyclable labels, made by Elevate Packaging. We love our planet and know that each sustainable packaging choice we make matters!

Today, much has changed in sustainable materials, sustainability innovation, sustainable supply chains, and packaging converting. And much has changed in climate change awareness, corporate responsibility, local business support, government and policy, and responsible waste management systems in communities throughout the USA and globally. The sustainable packaging movement is stronger than ever and continues to accelerate!

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