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LOAD IN: Load in the driveway Sat, Oct 14th from  5am-7:30am. YOUR VEHICLE MUST LEAVE THE PARKING LOT BY 7:30AM because of an art installation in the driveway. If you cannot load in that morning, arrange a drop-off on Friday OCt 13th

SET-UP: Please finish setting up your station by 8:50AM

PARKING: Please park directly across the street from Giving Tree Cafe in the red building's parking lot. DO NOT park at Coco's. Only if you have physical limitations please park on street or Coco's. DO NOT park in other restaurant's parking lots next door unless you are a customer.

LOAD OUT:  Begins at 6pm. There will be a reserved space in COCO's to load-out for easy access should you need to leave early. 

BATHROOMS: Located inside Giving Tree and Urban Wellness

MISC: Please bring your own water containers and meals.

GREEN WRIST BAND: Every guest and vendor needs one. Please receive yours upon arrival. If you interact with a guest without one please let them know that this is a ticketed event and to purchase them at the ticket booth ( REFERENCE MAP).


WE ARE OPEN: The Giving Tree Cafe (limited menu) & Urban Wellness are still open for business that day and patrons do not need to purchase a ticket unless they intend to participate in the Fall Fest. 

Stage Schedule

Please be prepared by stage 5 minutes before your time starts. You will have a moderator to guide your time speaking.

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